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Grasshopper Man

I hadn't seen this man for years when I recently met him in the pedestrian underpass leading from the Star Ferry to Statue Square.
     I think the last time I bought a reed grasshopper from him was three or four years ago, but I bought my first one about 1988. He creates beautiful creatures from green leaves and reeds and his only admonishment -- conveniently written on a card in English -- is that when they start drying to soak them in water for three or four hours. I don't think he had the card when I bought my first one and saw it start to wilt within a couple of days. Figuring water might revive it, I dropped the grasshopper in the toilet bowl.
     I returned that evening to find it rejuvenated, so I started dropping him in the bowl in the morning and fetching him out in the evening. Naturally, it became known as the Toilethopper.
     If you're in Hong Kong and see this gentleman, you'll be charmed by his creations and their prices -- from US$2 to 2.50 each.
     I didn't bother taking any close-up shots of the grasshoppers because I bought one for Leela -- and managed to lose it before I got home. I'll have to find him again.