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Eastern Harbour Tunnel

On the road again...
     Two things make this shot interesting for me -- 1) it looks like I may be steering with my knees while photographing, and 2) the car is invisible, putting you in the position of a hood ornament.
      In reality, Leela and I are in our convertible with the top down. The camera is resting on top of the windshield for support and height. Because the bug-eye lights are closed and the hood is short, it's possible to shoot without the car in the frame. And as for both hands on the wheel, we have right-hand drive vehicles in Hong Kong, so I'm in the passenger seat on the left, which is where most of the world's drivers would find their steering wheels.
     The Eastern Harbour Tunnel is one of three undersea tunnels linking the mainland, Kowloon, with Hong Kong Island.