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Oh, taxi!

Not all shots have a pristine elegance -- some are as messy as life itself.
     All 11 vehicles in this shot are taxis. I took 24 pictures of the same scene over several hours and never got more than one private car in the frame at a time, which says something about public transportation in Hong Kong.
     For those who know the area, this was taken in Hong Kong just above Lan Kwai Fong. The Fringe Club is in the lower left corner. The main street is Wyndham, with Glenealy entering from the upper left.
     The six "hash mark" areas in the roadway are pedestrian crossings. The two cross-hatched diamond patterns are no-go areas if you're not moving (so you're not blocking an intersection when the light changes).
     Right below the balcony at the top of the picture is the Noodle House. Try #12 if you like seafood -- huge, good, about US$6. Only US$3.50 during Noodle Happy Hour.
     At 1/4 sec., there was no way I was getting everyone stopped because they're rolling as soon as the light changes -- often before.
     That's construction (as usual) in the lower right. Leave Hong Kong for six months and you return to a different city.
     On a technical note, the yellow color cast to the photo is reality.