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Jazz Bassist

What I particularly like about this shot are the people in the photograph looking over his shoulder -- they're one of the few elements in sharp focus.
      From a technical viewpoint, the photo was cropped just inside the picture frame on the left to eliminate a visual boundary. This enables all the elements in the top half of the photograph to flow outward without stopping, much like the music. The framing also connects the guitarist with the intruments of his partners in the trio -- drums and keyboard.
     The focus on the musician is enhanced by the two rays of light shining towards him from the top and right (or maybe that's energy leaving him).
     And the slow shutter speed adds motion to the soft mood of the moment.
     Thanks to Kleptography visitor Grant C. Delorean, I now know that he is playing a Conklin Groove Tools 7-string bass. Sometimes you have to search the world for information... and other times it comes to you.