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The navigation on Kleptography was designed so this page shouldn’t be necessary –- but you know how that goes. So here are some hints to make getting around a little easier ...

Normal Stuff

Homepage -- which acts as a table of contents.
Gallery Pages -- with thumbnail links to larger photos.
Photo Pages -- with individual photos and text.
Left Arrow   Right Arrow
On Gallery Pages -– goes back and forth between galleries.
On Photo Pages -– goes back and forth between photos.
Up Arrow
On Gallery Pages (Top) -– UP to the Homepage.
On Gallery and Hompage (Bottom) -– UP to the top of the page.
On Photo Pages -– UP to the Gallery Page.

Secret Stuff

Click large photos to go BACK to Gallery Page. It’s a convenient –- and large -– BACK button for when you just want to view individual photos by clicking on thumbnails, rather than cycling through all of them in a gallery.
Mantis Logo
Click on the mantis logo to go to the Homepage -- it's the same as an Up Arrow.

Introduction    Workflow