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Studio Mantis 1

One thing you can say for these creatures: they're bold. I was watering the garden one Sunday morning and this one leaped on my shoulder, crawled up my neck, over my ear and stood on top of my head. He seemed to be intent on staying there but I lifted him off and put him on a nearby plant.
      But it had been a week since I'd taken a mantis photo, so I ended up taking him up to the studio -- it was unbelievably sunny out and these guys are very reflective; besides, I thought we both could do with a little air conditioning. I stuck out my finger and he hopped on. In the studio -- what an inflated word for my office -- I put up the black velvet, set my G1 with Lensmate adapter on the table, let him climb aboard and took 190 shots. In this one, he's standing on the external flash mount.
     I got four that I liked -- this one and the next three.