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Lighters too

This picture shows the lighters of the previous picture, plus a bit more of the harbour. On the other side, on that peninsula a third of the way from the right, is the entrance to the Western Harbour Tunnel, one of three undersea tunnels that allow traffic to cross a harbour that was historically only navigable by ferry.
     In my notes, I said that I'd let you decide which pictures were in this gallery for beauty and which for continuity and interest, but I'll make an exception here. I find most city shots too far removed from human scale and interaction to have much personal impact.
     I'm including the harbour shots because we have one of the world's great harbours and because, in person, you'll love this walk and this view -- it's the one thing you should do in Hong Kong above all else -- but the pictures don't capture this for me. You need to visit.
     Some of you panoramists are probably wondering why I didn't make this series into a panorama to add to the impact. A few reasons -- a lot of haze, the steep viewing angle and I didn't think of it.