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Monkey Forest

The Sacred Monkey Forest is in Ubud, in the central highlands of Bali. Here they're at home and you're just an uninvited guest, although you're welcomed if you have bananas and tolerated if you have manners.

As you enter the forest, you'll see a set of rules worth reading:
  1. Do not touch or tease the monkey as they may react in an unpredicable manner.
  2. If you wish to feed the monkeys, please do so carefully or seek a monkey expert in the green uniforms to assist you.
  3. If there is no monkey expert nearby, please toss the food to the monkeys from a safe distance.
  4. Do not hide food. The monkey will find it even if it is in your pocket or bag.
  5. Never grab a monkey. If a monkey gets on you, drop all of your food and walk away slowly. If a monkey jumps on you, stand still and walk away slowly.
This is one of the reasons...and he's not even annoyed...

Leela and I were fortunate that our villa was just a five-minute walk from the back entrance to the Monkey Forest (well, I was fortunate; Leela wasn't so sure). It's only at the front entrance that you have to pay an entry fee -- walk in the back way and you're as free as the monkeys.

One of the challenges of shooting in the forest is that it's a forest, and quite dense. Even at high noon on a sunny day, you're often shooting at 1/25th - 1/40th of a second so your timing has to be right to catch these guys without a blur. That's for the G2, of course. You digital and film SLR owners won't have the problem.

If nothing else, this gallery answers the question, "Can you ever have too many monkey photos?" Obviously, the answer is yes. Still, you'll be pleased to know that I deleted the other 430.

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