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I like this picture because it suggests the pace of Hong Kong.
      Every once in a while in these galleries I offer a little photographic advice -- this shot offers a couple of lessons.
     One -- while you can have a completely blurred picture, it often helps in motion shots if some small bits are static and in focus, if for no other reason than it tells the viewer you did the shot on purpose.
      And two -- just because you shoot in digital doesn't mean you have to crop in digital. Remember that standard film sizes have aspect ratios of 3:2 (35mm), 1:1 (medium format), 4:5, etc. My digitals have a 3:4 ratio, but that doesn't mean I have to crop to 3:4. Often the 1:1 square looks good, or in this case, the 3:2 (35mm) look, which allowed me to crop out some ceiling and still give the audience a shape they're familiar with.
     As human beings we spend our entire lives putting things into mental boxes. I've found that it helps to put pictures into expected croppings so that the viewer can concentrate on the content rather than the overall look. Obviously, that's not a rule but I don't crop to unorthodox ratios unless there's a compelling reason.
     Just a thought.