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The meeting was unexpectedly delayed, so I picked this clock off the windowsill, set it in the middle of the burl conference table, adjusted the leather chair backs on the other side of the table to the right height, and started shooting.
      The sweep-second hand has a little plane on the end whose lights flash every second or so. The trick is to catch them on when you're shooting at 1/13th second. The time is about 12:36 and I wanted the plane in the lower, darker half of the clock, preferably in the position you see it here. The background is a wall and the window behind me is reflected in the clock face, along with my silhouette.
      This is one of 95 shots -- about six had the red lights but they weren't in the right position and I didn't want to use Photoshop to snatch them from one picture and plant them in another.
      It all came together just in time.