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This shot was taken from the roof of Ocean Terminal in Tsimshatsui.
      Look one way and you see Kowloon and the Pacific Club (white canopy on the left) and Ocean Centre (buildings on the right). Ocean liners parallel park next to Ocean Terminal and passengers get off and walk straight into this vast warren of designer shops and boutiques and restaurants. Even as a resident you can get turned around and lost in there.
      For years, Hong Kong's airport was (conveniently located) in the heart of the city with its runway built out into the harbor. Consequently, there was a height restriction on Kowloon buildings to keep planes from running into them, which explains the flat uniformity of the buildings.
     Now that we've leveled an (inconveniently located) island and moved our airport, the height restriction has been lifted and, economic slowdown notwithstanding, tall buildings are appearing on the Kowloon skyline, as you can just see in the far left center.